Fashion Advertising Beauty
New York, Sydney

Disney, Sally Hansen, Amazon, Secret, Buffalo Shoes, Ray Bans, Herringbone, RPR Hair, FIT, Headgear, Sauce Swim, Boody, Stix, TOC

Immersed in his family's artistic cocoon, it's no surprise a creative path for Rupert ensued. His was gifted his father's Nikon FA 35mm camera when he was 11 years old. As a lover of art and science, photography seemed the perfect medium. His love for photography was realised and continues to flourish.

Classically trained in the days of film, thus mixing traditional expertise with a contemporary approach, Rupert has his own distinct style—a seamless fusion of classical and modern aesthetics.

Rupert has built a strong international client base, developed acute technical knowledge, and has an innate ability to establish a strong rapport with his muse and client through his charming and charismatic nature.

His creative flair for concept creation and execution result in a wistful moody style, with his images encapsulating a filmic narrative—always impressive and sometimes a little unworldly...